updates coronavirus

updates coronavirus

After following hundreds of cases of the new Corona virus, I offer my personal experience as a doctor.
1- Symptoms: -
It varies greatly from none until the occurrence of respiratory failure and multiple failure in the body systems (multiorgan failure = MOF).
Semi-characteristic symptoms (albeit uncertain of infection):
 Cracking or severe pain in the bones and muscles that the patient is not accustomed to before, or a high temperature or loss of the sense of smell and taste.
2-The disaster: -
 In these patients with simple symptoms such as a cold, cold and sore throat (without the patient's worrisome symptoms such as extreme fever, severe coughing, or triple breath), the patient makes the illusion that it is a common cold and spreads the virus on a larger scale..so deal with any possible symptom of the virus with all. Packages from the patient himself prevent the disease from spreading among his family and colleagues. 
3- Contacts: -
Any contact with a confirmed or almost confirmed case of infection should be treated as a carrier of the virus even in the absence of symptoms.
 4- Infection: -
The virus is severe and easy to spread, as one family member can transmit the virus to the entire family, as well as the presence of a factory worker or a person from a hospital who is able to transmit the infection to dozens.
5- Cure rate: -
Over 90% will get less in days, with or without treatment, and about 5% will need several medications, and only 5% will need careful care from parents and medical staff, whether with injections and oxygen treatments and semi-continuous follow-up.
6- Home seizure: -
It has been proven to be effective even in severe cases that need special care (such as lack of oxygen), in the event that oxygen cylinders are available, cooperative parents, highly trained nursing and a compassionate doctor who follows the patient by phone or by WhatsApp.
7- Treatment: -
 There is no fixed protocol or prescription, so the treatment may be isolation only with paracetamol pills, and it may be a combination of drugs ... as well as drugs and treatment methods may change in the same patient according to different symptoms or complications.
8- Follow-up: -
  The patient must be monitored by the specialist doctor by the emergence of new symptoms every two days by telephone or by WhatsApp. Older patients (over 65 years old), diabetics, hypertension, heart patients, pregnant women, and obese patients must be followed up on a daily basis, along with monitoring the oxygen level in the blood.
9-Psychological: -
 Raising the psychological state of the patient is a duty of the family and the medical staff .. Fear and panic about the disease affect the immunity and delude the patient with symptoms that do not really exist.
10-Tests: -
The large number of analyzes and their expansion is useless in most patients, there is no single analysis on the face of the earth that confirms infection with the virus except for swab, which may be negative in about 35% of those infected (actually with the disease), meaning dependence on symptoms is more important.
11-Cortisone: -
  Cortisone therapy may be harmful in the onset of symptoms, and its administration needs a clear cause.
12-Cytokine storm
It is an unwise response from the body's immunity to deal with the virus, and here it is necessary to have cortisone in high doses determined by the specialist.
13- Children
(a frequent question from parents, I am afraid for the children, I don’t fear for myself): -
Praise be to God 99.99% of symptoms in children are from nothing to mild symptoms that often do not attract attention. Children’s need for medical care is very rare, but it is very narrow) but the big problem is that the child despite this can easily transmit the infection to those in contact (Corona until the end, with the permission of the Lord of Heaven ).
Dr. Mohamed El Sebaei.
General Internal Medicine Consultant.


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