Earn money Swag bucks 100% real With proof of payment How to register

Earn money Swag bucks

swagbucks to make money

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First:- Explain the site of Swagbucks.

swagbucks is the most famous and world famous site from which you can profit in many different ways.
* Obtaining funds by answering surveys and converting points into money via pay pal.
* Download games and reach a certain level in the game to get     points.
* By downloading the required applications and getting points.
* Buy also "through the site and get a discount from famous sites such as Amazon & Ali Express & EBAY and other sites.
* Get "cash back" upon completion of the purchase.
* Invite friends and get 10% of the points they get.
Awards page from SWAGBUCKS

For every 2500 points you can get $ 25.00 on paypal* For every 

When inviting friends, you get 100 points for each person who was invited and has already registered, in addition to 10% of the value of points that they receive.

Seconed:- How to register on Swagbucks .

Log on to the following site and register to get 100 points immediately after registration and complete the profile.

For this registration home page, enter your e-mail, the navel number and press SIGNUP

This page will appear
Agree to all and then click on start and win

This is my page on swagbucks

* The squares indicated from the right are your points balance, the second for making an invitation to friends and the third on the left is a daily question from which you get a fixed point.

 Email to prove the gain

 -:Very important notes

1- Do not create more than one account on Swagbucks.
2- The information that will be required of you during the surveys must be the same information that was entered in your profile before.
3- Always check your e-mail and answer the surveys as soon as  possible before completing the required number.
4- Transferring points into money via PAY PAL. The transfer will reach you within a maximum period of one weeks.
5- If you want to create more than one account, you can do this  via a different email - another computer - another mobile phone.
To here ends the explanation of the first program to profit from the Internet, and there are other programs that are true to us. We will explain them and make sure that all programs that will be explained on this site are 100% honest and proven.Thank you for following


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